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The Future is for Who?

Pisces to Aquarius

At the turn of the year and of the ages, from Pisces to Aquarius, let us look at what the changes may ring in. The Age of Pisces gave us “aspiration”, the individual desire and yearning, a devotion to some ideal. How to express that desire? To be the best, for betterment at everyone else’s expense, epitomised everywhere now by the super-rich, what was once called the “American dream”, or to seek out genuine enlightenment, a path now more hindered by the world’s myriad forms of idolising religions? Pisces has also given us governments, in their more popularist form they have become an obstacle to any further human progress and development of our lives upon this planet.

The Age of Aquarius will bring the search for an ideal into new forms of group life and experience. the aspirational nature will be complemented by a seeking out and discerning of the truth and nature of reality, the development of group consciousness, the shaping of lives together from an inner subjective self-recognition of who we are – each other. It will be an age of learning how to govern ourselves from within.

The way from Pisces to Aquarius is, occultly, by way of the labour of Leo – the complementary opposite of Aquarius – the classic labour of the hero subduing the separatist ego, its desires, ambitions, habits and survival mentality, to serve the other as one self, and essentially, if we are to survive as a species – to save, to honor and beautify the One Life in all its forms in acceptance of our role and responsibility to all other kingdoms of Earth.

Meanwhile … the popularist governments have become a threat to our humanity and to our planetary environment. They have become the selfish manifestation of the unredeemed aspect of ourselves. The welfare, the natural rights of citizens, of truth in media, of the rule of law, are ignored in favour of the perpetuation of fear and selfishness. It is time to stop participating in their system and structure and to literally take back our power. We have created these governments so we can uncreate them.

For the common good of all we must choose another way that honours the truth and the reality – we are one, we are a gift of life that Creation has brought forth to this planet and we have reached a turning point. The future is for those who will take a big leap of faith, who decide to live this truth and discover how to govern ourselves from within.

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