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The Quest for Meaning – The heart of “being human“?

The Quest for meaning ofwho we are, where have we come from and why am I here – has, since the beginning of time, struck a chord at the heart of being human.

What is our collective understanding of the meaning and significance of the word “Humanity”?

Waters of Life VortexSome would say, “I am a child, not of earth, but of the stars” – can you say perhaps to share with us – what is your experience, your meaning?

This thought, echoed by many, suggests that gnosis, self-awareness or illumination comes when our true nature is loved and accepted for who and what we are and only then can we go grow and go beyond to the next unfolding stage of our development. The reempowerment and integration of the sacred feminine now arising in humanity may be at the heart of this new renaissance.

I love this prophetic quote from a great children´s movie, “The Dark Crystal”,

“When single shines the triple sun
What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole, the two made one
By gelfling hand or else by none.”

In our quest for reawakening our awareness of divinity in humanity, we are beginning to take a third great step in our evolutionary path. At first, in epochs past, the worship of the Great Mother – our Earth as a sacred being, ruled by the Moon – symbolized by a guiding lineage of Matriarchy through the female blood line. Through the ages, the emphasis then moved toward the Solar non-physical uncreated aspect, awakening self-awareness, mind and intuition, yet sadly becoming divorced from the feminine – symbolized by Patriarchy. And now, with our roots on the Earth and having, in an Astrological sense, returned to the Father´s House in Pisces (the twelfth House of the Zodiac), we are at the beginning of a third stage of our return journey – through the Heart of the Sun to our origin of being amongst the Stars and to Cosmos.

A correspondence between humanity and celestial creation embodied in woman reveals a sense of the meaning of humanity.

The following quote begins the Cancer Astrology Newsletter([1]) written by Phillip Lindsay and originates from Letters of Helena Roerich, 1935-1939, vol. II.

“… woman should realize that she herself contains all forces, and the moment she shakes off the age-old hypnosis of her seemingly lawful subjugation and mental inferiority and occupies herself with a manifold education, she will create in collaboration with man a new and better world. Cosmos affirms the greatness of woman’s creative principle. Woman is a personification of nature, and it is nature that teaches man, not man nature. Therefore, may all women realize the grandeur of their origin, and may they strive for knowledge.”

In the Age of the Great Mother, high knowledge of the divine feminine was worshipped and passed down through the bloodline that united mankind with the gods, when Kingship was “lowered from heaven” as a means of stewardship between the gods who walked among us and society in the early days of civilisation.

The sacred lunar essence of the Goddess was revered as “Star Fire”, a “waters of life substance”. Originating in ancient Sumer and preserved in the original Hebrew tradition, “the heavenly Bath-kol was called the “daughter of the voice”, and the voice (vach or vox) which “called” from the blackness (or void) was said to originate during a female´s puberty. The womb was resultantly associated with the voice (the kol or qóul – call) and “Star Fire” was said to be the oracular “word of the womb”, with the womb itself being the utterer or uterus. In the earliest schools of mysticism, the symbol of the Word (or the Logos) was the serpent: the venerated emblem of the Holy Spirit – the dragon that moved upon the face of the waters.([2])

Feminine Power of the Parthenogenetic Goddess

From the traditions of the Far East, from ancient Tibet and China, we learn that the etheric vessel or pattern of life forces that make up the human matrix is made of twelve devic lives or guardians involved in five elemental groups. Together these forces form a community of twelve lives having a Yin (female) or Yang (male) polarity that go to make up the twelve organs of the body (as recognized in the science of the tradition).

Legends of Immaculate Conception, of the Parthenogenetic Goddess, recorded in many sacred and indigenous peoples´ traditions, may be understood in terms of one whose light body achieves a resonance between the twelve forces of creation in the feminine temple of the soul such that an incarnation of the immortal Word is invoked and brought forth into form. The womb, as a sacred vessel of this mystery, is a chalice at the centre of the twelve etheric forces, a centre magnetized by love at the thirteenth point of the vortex.

Resolving Polarity

Polarity is so key to understanding our experience as both physical and energetic beings. As we move from one stage or plane to another on our journey, polarity changes or reverses, from female (yin, magnetic, receptive) to male (yang, electric, outgoing) and back again. Electricity flows to that which we are identified with, i.e. attracted towards.

For the incarnating soul, the feminine matrix is the magnetic pole. But once soul infused and the self identifies with the soul, the group life becomes magnetic. The soul is always group oriented and so a new matrix of twelve centres or groups is formed around a magnetic heart centre. This centre is the synthesis of all living forces and energies that make up the twelve having a solar and physical counterpart. As a whole, a group life corresponds to a Solar System of twelve main planets in terms of seven ensouling Cosmic Rays and an etheric vehicle of five elemental lives (known to Sacred Geometry as symbolised by Plato´s Platonic Solids). Through a “group conscious life” is invoked the higher harmony on the Earth plane of the Spheres above.

From Earth to the Sun and now to the Stars.

Through the magnetic Heart Centre of the Sun, twelve groups relate humanity to the twelve constellations, to reidentify with our origin as part of a Cosmic Life.

Our journey of worship has changed through the ages in three great octaves, yet as with each octave, the higher note is in resonance with the first.

The sacred Star Fire sought by the Grail Kings, later symbolized by the Eucharist of the Christians, has become the Waters of Life itself that flows into and through the Chalice of one Humanity from the Heart of the Sun. We are moving through a Temple of Divine Architecture across an ocean of emptiness upon a Vessel of Great Mystery towards the magnetic Heart centre of the Galaxy. The thirteenth group is not really a group but a Word that calls to the One beyond the Stars which is in nothing and yet in all things, the Word or Song that is sounded by all Star Beings.




Star Fire and the Sacred Feminine

In the book “Genesis of the Grail Gods” by Lawrence Gardner, the occult and mundane facts are made clear concerning the original transition from a matriliniar Kingship, established in ancient Sumer, to the Patriliniar society asserted during the Juddaic and Christian era.

The following extraordinary quote is from Chapter “13” – Gold of the Gods.

The menstrual “Star Fire” (Elixir Rubeus) of the goddess, being essentially regarded as fluid intelligence, was symbolically represented as the All-seeing eye, or as the fiery cross of the Rosicrucis, precisely as depicted in the Mark of Cain. These emblems were later used by the mystery schools of ancient Egypt … In the original tradition, the cross was identified with Enki-Samael who impregnated the Dragon Queen. Kingship was matrilinear in the line from Tiâmat. Since bloodlines are, by their very nature, matrilinear, it is no coincidence that a mother in the animal kingdom is generally referred to as the “dam” – against the paternal “sire” – for dam was indeed the word for blood. In chivalric circles, these parental definitions were adopted to become the familiar styles Sir and Dame. The dragon was manifest in the Draco constellation (known as the Serpent in the Sky) which swings around the North Pole…

The original Star Fire was the lunar essence of the Goddess, but even in a mundane environment menstruum contains the most valuable endocrine secretions, particularly those of the pineal and pituitary glands … Among indigenous peoples menstrual blood is reckoned to have extraordinary healing properties. In mystic circles, the menstrual flow-er (she who flows) has long been the designated “flower”, represented as a lily or lotus. The brain´s pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life, for this tiny gland was said to secrete the “nectar of supreme excellence” – the very substance of active longevity, called soma or ambrosia by the ancient Greeks (and Druids).

… In the hermetic lore of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, the process of achieving enlightened consciousness was of express importance, with spiritual regeneration taking place by degrees through the thirty-three vertebrae of the spinal column until reaching the pituitary gland which invokes the pineal body. The science of this regeneration is one of the Lost Keys of Freemasonry …

… the gland was thought by the French philosopher Rene Descartes to be the “seat of the soul”, the point at which the mind and the body are conjoined …

In the days of ancient Sumer, the Anuists perfected and elaborated a medical science of living substances, with menstrual Star Fire being a vital component … lunar essence, called Gold of the Gods, later in Egypt and Mediterranea, menstruum was ritually collected from sacred priestesses (the Scarlet Women) and was dignified as being “rich food of the matrix”. The very word “ritual” stems from this custom, and from the Sanskrit word ritu – the “red gold.

In the fire symbolism of alchemy, the colour red is synonymous with the metal gold … In the Oxford English Dictionary (under “menstruum”) menstrual action is described as being “an alchemical parallel with the transmutation into gold”. The metals of the alchemists were, therefore, not common metals in the first instance, but living essences, and the ancient mysteries were of a more physical, not metaphysical nature. The word “secret” has its origin in the hidden knowledge of these glandular secretions.

In the Hebrew tradition, the heavenly Bath-kol was called the “daughter of the voice”, and the voice (vach or vox) which called from the blackness (or void) was said to originate during a female´s puberty. The womb was resultantly associated with the voice (the kol or qóul – call) and Star Fire was said to be the oracular “word of the womb”, with the womb itself being the utterer or uterus. In the earliest schools of mysticism, the symbol of the Word (or the Logos) was the serpent: the venerated emblem of the Holy Spirit – the dragon that moved upon the face of the waters.

The Scarlet Women were so called because they were a direct source of the priestly Star Fire. They were known in Greek as the hierodulai (sacred women), a word later transformed (via medieval French into English) to “harlot”. In the early Germanic tongue, they were known as horés (later Anglicised to “whores”) – a word which meant simply “beloved ones” …

The withdrawal of knowledge of the genuine Star Fire tradition from the public domain occurred when the science of the early adepts and the later Gnostic Christians were stifled by the forgers of historic Christianity. A certain amount of the original gnosis (knowledge) is preserved in Talmudic and Rabbinical lore, but generally speaking the jews and orthodox Christians did all in their power to distort and destroy all traces of the ancient art. The tradition of the Fire Virgins was later superficially adopted in Rome, where the six Vestal Virgins served for individual periods of thirty years, but the true significance of their purpose was lost. The word vesta derived from an old oriental stem meaning “fire” – hence, matches are today still called “vestas”. Vesta was originally a Trojan goddess of fire …

In addition to being the Gold of the Gods, the menstruum was also called the Vehicle of Light, being a primary source of manifestation, and in this regard it was directly equated with the mystical waters of creation – the flow of eternal wisdom. The Light was also metaphorically defined as a serpent called kundalini, said by the indian mystics to be coiled at the base of the spine, to remain dormant in a spiritually unawakened person. Kundalini (the magical power of the human organism) is awakened only by will, and blood is the vehicle of the spirit. The pineal gland is the channel of direct spiritual energy and can be motivated by constant self-enquiry. This is not an obvious mental process, but a truly thought-free consciousness – a formless plane of pure being.

It was this concept of “being”, or self-completeness, which posed a significant problem for Enlil-Jehovah. In contrast, his brother Enki-Samael knew that humans who partook of the Tree of Knowledge (the Anunnaki wisdom) and of the Tree of Life (the Anunnaki Star Fire) could themselves become almost lie gods. Enlil-Jehovah had recognized this, saying “Behold, the man is become as one of us” (Genesis 3:22). Nothing, it was said in olden times, is obtained simply by wanting, or by relinguishing responsibility to a higher authority. Belief is the act of be-living, for to be live is to believe, and will is the decisive medium of the self. This is the route to true knowingness, for the only personal god is the god within, and the self is God – the absolute consciousness (the Kia or Ka): the YHWH.


[1] Esoteric Astrologer Monthly Newsletter –,%20Blood,%20Neptune.%20Crop%20Circles.%20SamuelBarber.htm

[2]“Genesis of the Grail Gods” by Lawrence Gardner, concerning the original transition from a matriliniar Kingship, established in ancient Sumer, to the Patriliniar society asserted during the Juddaic and Christian era. Quote from Chapter “13” – Gold of the Gods.

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