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The Tree Within You

Tree RingsC ould a Tree reveal its secret one might catch a glimpse of the telepathic nature of the universe.  In every Seed is the whole Tree, and, for all of time. The Seed is imprinted with the fully grown Tree and in the Tree the Seed, ever unchanging. This is cosmic ideation impulsing the ethers, a standing wave of energy that appears and disappears, the cyclic breathing of Spirit.  In contrast, moving outward horizontally, rings are formed in the trunk of the Tree, increasing each passing year, rippling out from the impulsing centre.

The Idea of Tree is ever present. Ideas flow upon impulsing waves, a synchronous communication between cosmos, the unseen light of Stars in Space, and the etheric formative forces of Earth.  The Tree appears and dissapears, over time, as the changing form of Seed to Tree and the ever expanding rings in the Tree trunk.

"Yggdrasil" - Tree of Consciousness

“Yggdrasil” – Tree of Consciousness

In a sense, mankind is like the Tree – inherently telepathic with all other beings. Over time we may see wrinkles not rings but, when receptive minds work in resonance together, also visible signs of cosmic ideation ever impulsing the consciousness of our Star born nature, that, like the Tree, for ever simply IS, yet in time, humanity as the Plant of Life is destined to bring forth the flowers and fruits of all Creation.

Artwork, above top “Tree Rings” by Betsy C Knapp

Right, “Yggdrasil” – Tree of Consciousness

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