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The Virgin and the Aquarian Christ

L et us consider the divine, creative and magical process that is also redemptive wherein the emptiness of no-thing gives rise to the three-in-one and the one-in-three… where the word sounded forth commands the four of Primary substance, causing the sevenfold nature of the universe to unfold and appear.

Toroidal GalaxyThe first aspect of Father-Spirit, the positive pole of Will and Purpose impresses the third aspect of Mother-Matter, the negative pole of intelligent Divine substance, to create the magnetic field of the second aspect of Consciousness as Pure Love-Reason. This second aspect is twofold, it is both the Son – the outward radiating magnetic field moving from the positive pole to the negative and the Daughter – the internal magnetic flow returning and ascending within from the negative pole of Substance to the positive pole of Spirit.

Here we have a divine Tetrad ( group or arrangement of four ), representing the perfect union between Heaven and Earth, wherein not only is the impression of Purpose and Will with Buddhic Mind integrated and wielded in consciousness but the divine Son and Daughter of Christ are wedded in redemptive union upon the outer sphere of life.

“The magnetic field is the Soul or consciousness, and it moves by identifying with or as something, the Divine Daughter is that portion of the magnetic field which has identified with the Mother, but is aspiring to the Father.

“And the Divine Son is that portion of the magnetic field which has identified with the Father, and is aspiring to the Mother. Thus, in a sense, the polarity of the Magnetic Field is simply the movement of identity from one Pole to the other.”1

This is the bringing to birth of the Christ Child of consciousness as well as the raising into heaven of divine substance, and for this solar system, the redeeming of the Third aspect inherited from the first solar system by this the second solar system through the evolutionary Will to Love.

The inner ascending magnetic field of consciousness from the negative to the positive pole is the saving force that causes or gives rise to the potential for self-sacrificial action on the outer plane. It is demonstrated as the willingness of the soul to die to the outer life by internalising the movement in transition from death to a greater Life.

As the Soul outwardly radiates the consciousness aspect throughout the sphere of the One Life, the movement back up to the Ashram and to the positive pole of the life and consciousness threads is an internal one.

In the Sphere of Identity notice the movement of the magnetic field. Like a fountain the field expands from the positive out to the perimeter of the ecliptic. It then returns via the negative pole to be followed by an internal vertical ascension. This is the movement of consciousness and activity of the One Life of a vortex or monad.

Adapted Virgo keynote:

“I am the Father and the Mother
I am the Son and the Daughter in Christ.
I God, I Spirit-Matter am.”

Pisces keynote:

“I leave my Father’s House and turning back, I save”.

Thus it is the son that saves the incarnate soul of the daughter and the daughter that saves the soul of the son.

Inherent in Virgo-Pisces is the power that enables the disciple to dispel and to overcome the great illusion to be confronted in Scorpio, and thereby to reveal the new vision and the Idea of the True, the Beautiful and the Real that will condition and outpicture the consciousness of Aquarius in Sagittarius prior to the ascension in Capricorn of the mountain of initiation.

Symbolising the redemptive union is the heart of the Son of Christ outwardly radiating Pure Love-Reason and the Daughter of Christ ascending from within to reunite divine substance with the Father.

This is why, upon His ascension, the Magdalene remained at His side at his crucifixion and why She was the first to whom He appeared upon His ascension.

1The Aquarian Christ, by Glen Knape

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