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To Comply is To Die – Or Occupy Love. It´s Our Choice!

How do you know when you´ve made a Good Decision?

What goes through your mind when faced with a Choice?

Occupy LoveIn our increasingly divided world – between material conformism as servants of “society” and our free sovereign citizenship as people in touch with our liberty – our ability to make not only good decisions but wise decisions has never been more critical.

We pay our taxes and governments go to war.
We fuel our cars and the environment gets polluted.
We pay for goods with money the banksters abuse.
We school our kids with corporate and government sponsored education and expose them to media that strips them and us of our natural born innocence and imagination. etc. etc. all in the name of

Every day you and I comply we deny our most basic human choices.  Why?

What are we afraid of really and who are we putting first, “us and them”, yourself, your friends and family or life itself?

To comply simply means I am too afraid to make a decision not to. We self-justify by telling ourselves and each other …

“it´s illegal”, or “what will my partner or my neighbours or colleagues say?”, or “I´ll suffer if I do that”, “they´ll cut my money or take away my house”.  So serious now isn´t it?  Is that really what´s going to happen? What happens inside ourselves when we repeat and believe in these conditioned reactions?

Each time we do that, we compromise ourselves, we belittle our power and potential as humans, and so each time we give in and give away our spirit, we die a little.

What it´s really come come to mean is you and I feel safe giving my power to the leaders – to those who run our world society, who we are now seeing are just the bankers and multi-national corporations up to their games without a care about you or I.

But what are our leaders afraid of?

They are afraid because they are empty inside.  They are afraid because they have no power over their own inner lives, so they impose control over the people.  They are afraid of “people power” so they suppress them – with taxes, food, energy, education, media and war – almost all of which they control, with fear!  Who gives them the right!?

But you know that in truth this is the illusion. Fear is the illusion. Fear is a survival mechanism that has us only surviving on this planet.  Fear is born out of your senses telling you that is who you are, is all that exists and nothing more. You were born and you will die.  Nothing you can do will make a difference!

Are you only this temporary illusion, changing from moment to moment, in feelings and thought desires? You know there is much more to each of us. All that you and humanity hopes for, cherishes and holds true, lasts forever.

You were born with eternity in your heart. Fear is a shadow in your head, in thinking conditioned by others and by circumstances.  Love is in the heart. Which one of these is more real and more lasting?

Let each of us take each decision we make into our hearts.

Let us take nothing for granted that we are told but judge it by the universal heart feeling we all share.

Let us as people of all nations (the 99%) end our complicity today and take only actions that follow the direction of our hearts like a constant compass!

Let us Occupy Love Today – surely the only sure Way to our Self-Liberation?


What decisions have you taken today out of Love?

We would love to hear from you. Sharing your experience will inspire us all to go forward together out of fear and into love and each step we take with love is creating the new culture and civilisation built by free sovereign citizens.


“Lead us O Lord, from darkness to Light,

Lead us from falsehood to Truth.

Lead us from the unreal to the Real

And from death to Immortality”

Mayan Day – Resonant Yellow Human

I channel in order to influence,
Inspiring wisdom.

I seal the process of free-will
With the Resonant tone of Attunment

25 May 2013 Full Moon is also the Great Eastern Festival of the Buddha – who teaches of the eternal law of liberation from desire and sensation, the endless cause of suffering.

Watch and join in this world meditation event

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!