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To Influence Is To Be Human – Aries 2013

To Influence is to be Human

For the Aries Full Moon, 27th March 2013

Radiant SunIt is our choice of free-will to influence with wisdom and respecting the “other”, to influence with or against the freedom of will of the others.

It is our free-will to choose to follow our hearts or our heads. By this we are creating the experience of our lives. This free-will defines us as human beings.

The Sun is now in Aries. This is the time for Easter. It is the time of Spring, of ascension, of the Spirit that is rising in all things. To understand, we can receive our guidance from Astrology – from our Western tradition and from the Maya. These are both universal ways to see the wholeness of the One Life.

“I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.

I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the Magnetic tone of purpose.”

These words are the keynote or the sound of the universe for the coming 13 days.
It is the sound of the Sun itself:

“I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life…”

Pure fire, pure life, pure purpose comes forth from pure love and wholeness of being – expressing itself through the free-will of the humans.

Astrologically and physically, on the 21st day of March, we have crossed the threshold of the Equinox of equal day and night, light and dark, yin and yang, as above so below.

A new cycle is beginning, like breathing in and breathing out with the planet as our Earth breathes with the Sun.

Free WillThe new cycle begins now with Aries, the sign of the Ram. Aries brings forth solar fire from the heart of the Sun, yet its fiery breath enlightens the mind. We must be centered in the intention of the heart otherwise we will be pulled and pushed by the distractive forces of our desires. This is a test of our free-will to choose wisely.

Our freedom to choose wisely comes from love and compassion, the freedom of being human.  This love is written in the stars especially in the last 13 day cycle before that emphasised love and healing into wholeness. This wholeness is connected to the soul of our group. In fact we are in reality a group life. This life is the larger life that is living through us. We are the holograms of one being that has an intention and a purpose through our relationships as a group.

To understand this life, we are given another clue from the ultimate day of this 13 day cycle beginning with Yellow Sun. The last day of this cycle is called Yellow Cosmic Human. The cosmic human is a symbol of our destiny, should we fulfill our magnetic purpose. (5 of April).

“I endure in order to influence
Transcending wisdom.

I seal the process of free-will
With the cosmic tone of presence.”

We are influencing each other all the time.  Our soul is influencing us all the time.  Are we listening with our heart to our soul and to the others?  Are we responding with goodwill?

Christ said “When two or more are gathered together in my name I am with you”. When we are truly listening with our heart and soul to each other, we are in that presence that is of love eternal.

The sign of Aries begins a new cycle. It is the first sign of the zodiac and the start of the true new year. It will bring many new challenges for our humanity as a whole and we must let go of the old ways and the old beliefs.

One big test for humanity is with money and political freedom. Our financial and political freedoms are threatened but this is a sign of the old material way trying to continue. It does not want to change. It does not want us to change but we must. Money is only energy with value. It is part of our human relationships. It is our freedom to share and to exchange something for another. It is also another way how we influence each other.

We as people must be the leaders.  Then the leaders will follow.  We must influence wisely for the good of the whole without hesitation and with courage.

In our meditations let us reflect on the keynote of the soul for the sign of Aries from the Western Esoteric Tradition:

 “I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule”.

Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!