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True Face of Society – America, Britain and Europe on Get Real News

Constitution burnedWe ask the ultimate question: Is humanity ready for self-governance?

Is Trump – the Great Disrupter ?
Teresa May – Alice in Wonderland ?

With Paul, Jonathan and Jennie – Feb 2017

In this fast-paced program – a candid very honest reality check and the low low down on …

  • The true vulgar face of society and the American Dream
  • The End of Democracy – the beginning of Community?
  • Do the corporations really love Donald Trump?
  • Brexit – no strategy no plan!
  • Society’s corruption and our future, what next?
  • The dumbing down of our children as future compliant work force.
  • A How To rEVOlution – Non-compliance – Down Tools!
  • BREXIT – a nonsense for a corporate takeover of Europe.
  • Five weeks to Brexit, UK Citizens and European residency, we have to leave!
  • Consent – People can withdraw our Consent to being governed.
  • Common Law, the basis of all law, as Principle of the Law.
  • Acts and Statues require the people’s consent.
  • Change requires your personal initiative, we all have to work it out individually.
  • Humanity lost its conscience as its compass, this we cannot afford to do.

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  1. You were made to do radio! I love it 😀

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