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How Do You see Humanity’s Future?

We Invite You to join people consciously creating
a new World Vision for Life on Earth!

Join Us – You are Welcome to post your Vision below.

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VisionW ould you like to contribute to a renewal of vision for humanity? We invite you to pause and reflect on what kind of future you are hoping for?

Share Your Vision with us

A New World Vision initiative is about giving back to humanity a positive outlook toward our future. Are you someone who lives for a new beginning, a living reality of consciousness and hope? Here we invite you to share our visions with the world as it inspires our being together on Earth.

You know the story: there are two wolves, one is dark and despair, the other light and hope. Which one wins? The one you are feeding of course! Will humanity continue to choose the way of conflict, endless wars and inhumanity or the easy way of aligning with a higher evolution – towards cosmic contact and universal cooperation?

Humanity needs Light to reveal the way forward; Love to fill our hearts; and Enlightened Purpose to guide our human wills. These divine energies are abundantly available – we can invoke them now, on behalf of all humanity, at this time in the evolution of a new world.

Energy we know follows thought. The thought is that The Coming One (the Christ, the Maitreya, Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Imam Mahdi by whatever name) is approaching. Each of us infuses that Reality with new energy. And thus it grows inside us into a conviction that this is indeed occurring. When that conviction becomes unalterable, a sea-change happens. The soul is moved from there on to focus all energy on creating the new world which we know is coming.

Do you see hope in your community, in the work you are doing with others, in humanity as a whole? How about life on Earth, a new horizon, the signs and possibilities of new consciousness, culture and new civilisation?

Habitual thinkingJust imagine for a moment how much inspiration it would bring for others to see a new global vision shared around the world and to resonate with it. Like a magnet it will help to build and attract positive forces for our planetary evolution.

What if we build our Vision together – of an inner living reality that is taking shape within our hearts and minds.

We invite you, on behalf of all visionaries and cocreators, to pause and reflect during your day on what kind of world you are living for and to share (in your own words) a few thoughts about it with us here.

Inspire someone today
and share a positive reflection,
your dream of how you see our future unfolding on Earth.

Aligning hearts and soul with the cosmic evolution!

Share your vision with the world
Post yours below in the comments box – Thank You!
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12 Responses to “Vision”

  1. gillchris1 says:

    The pandemic presently attacking humanity appears to be bringing out the good and bad in humanity. There are those demonstrating the selfish side of their nature by bulk buying and there are those offering to help others wherever they can. We must watch and wait to see if this episode brings a step forward into enlightenment, or a step back into the darkness and try to play our part in ensuring the former. Although an unwanted situation, it is offering opportunity.

    • As you say this crisis of opportunity has brought choice to the whole of humanity.
      Who are we, how will we each respond?
      Let us share a vision of such response coming from a deeper place within,
      when faced with a life to save, of others, we are lifted up together.

  2. Jesse Dunn says:

    We see a day when all people are viewed through the softening lens of their humanity, not the harsh microscope of hate, judgment and criticism.
    We see a day when goodness is measure by what we embrace, what we create, how we serve, and who we include.

  3. Joke Gielen says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    We must hold the vision, each one in our country and beyond.
    There is a question about humanity today that sometimes arises in my thoughts and I can not let go:
    What is the perspective of the Masters now? ….
    What can we do more?…..
    Maybe we need to work in another direction?…..

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you Jo – Your question is most important at this time. It could be a discussion for all world servers! It would be good to hear your own thoughts in answer and from many people their impressions.
      I would like to offer for reflection this thought;

      Humanity is entering into “group consciousness”, and as this is revealed to us within our field of group consciousness, it will be transformative and renewing to the planetary life. This will arise as the world group recognises itself as that consciousness, as one synchronous and telepathic mind, and in that recognition, takes its place as intermediary between higher spiritual impression and the mass humanity.

      Such transformation and renewal requires ‘cellular memory’ to be dissolved, the karma to be worked out, causal personas to be purified and forgiven. When the soul is no longer bound to the memory pattern and to the survival instinct, the spirit of Love is reborn to the whole.

  4. Jonathan says:

    This true Vision as the universal or ‘cosmic pattern’ is interpreted for our planet these statements from “Nature of the Soul” (P.166) by Lucile Cedercrans are both revealing and startling:

    The Divine Plan (A-B-C) for humanity in this cycle includes the following growth and development:

    A. Identification, both individually and collectively, of the mass consciousness with the Soul via:

    1. Conclusive proof, in several scientific fields of endeavour, of the existence of the Soul as the causal factor of manifestation:

    a. through psychological findings about reincarnation, life after death, and the incarnating entity or Soul.  

    b. through the instrumental perception of the etheric network and its final discovery as the substantial body of the One Life, thus relating and leading to new discoveries anent the Life aspect.  

    c. through instrumental contact with the astral plane, and groups of disciples working within that sphere.  

    d. through instrumental contact with the mental plane, the perception and recording of thought-forms, and the tracing of energies released and directed into manifestation by those thought-forms.  

    e. through data gathered via contact with outer space.  

    Thus, science itself will force a complete re-evaluation of all religious and philosophical systems of thought, lifting humanity up out of its apparent lethargy into a new, dynamic, spiritual endeavour.  

    B. Realization by the mass consciousness of the Purpose of life in the three worlds as being the growth and development of the Soul via:

    1. The forced shift by science of human consciousness from an astral to a mental focus.  

    2. The intensive effort of disciples to re-educate the mass to the new ideas and ideals.  

    3. The emergence, out of the ruins of the outmoded structure of organized religions, of a new World Religion which cannot be confined within, or limited to, any outer organization. It will be of such strength and purpose, of such universality, as to break the bonds of any attempted organization of it! This will truly be a World Religion because it will spring forth from the fountainhead of the mass mind and heart.  

    C. A new culture and civilization created in an endeavour to aid the growth and development of the consciousness aspect.  

    1. The development of a new and valid science called Occultology.  

    2. The building of a new economic structure whose purpose is to manifest the growth and development of consciousness. This economy will convert all natural resources to the Spiritual betterment of humanity, meeting the common need whenever and wherever it is focused.  

    3. A new educational system designed to aid in the growth of the Soul within the child, and to develop the Soul purpose from a potential into an active expression.  

    4. The end of the political regime and the beginning of the true function of the New Group of World Servers within the body of humanity.  

    5. The advance of medicine into the science of regeneration and rejuvenation of substance.  

    This is but a bare outline containing only a few of the changes the Divine Plan holds for humanity now, but these few indicate much more clearly the fields of service into which probationers may enter as a part of their own initiatory activity.  

    In the light of the above, consider what humanity has yet to experience prior to, and as a part of the mass initiation. The impact of the fifth ray alone, via the various fields of science upon the consciousness of humanity, will demand an intensive effort of all probationers and disciples in the field to stabilize that impact into an ordered, steady, progressive growth. Here is the field of service dictated by the Divine Plan. How shall you relate to it?

    The fifth ray of concrete knowledge and science is that energy, which properly equates Spirit, matter, and consciousness – defines them into a manifesting picture. Hence this lesson, which brings into a focus this energy of the fifth ray, clarifies somewhat the Divine Plan for humanity in its relationship to the world of affairs here and now.

  5. Simon says:

    The type of world I am living for is one in which there is a closer relationship between the Great Ones and humanity. One humanity includes all of humanity and the Great Ones. “Always keep before the people the thought of the Great Ones” (A Learning Experience, p. 43).

    Thank you Jonathan for this wonderfully interactive and inspiring website.

    • Thank you Simon – your Vision of the Teachers of humanity, the Great Ones, always inspiring humanity to see a higher way. We are not alone but can live a greater reality that knows no limitations, indeed we must break through the minds limitations if we are to bridge between the worlds and join with Them.

      • Simon says:

        “We are not alone” is a very real and true statement. If we are successful in bridging between the fourth and fifth kingdoms in nature it will do much, not just breaking through the collective limitation of human thinking, but the creation of a living bridge which the Great Ones will use for planetary upliftment.

  6. Nancy Seifer says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you for launching this inspired effort to ground the vision of the New Era in the here-and-now. Your words evoke the highest and best in us as we strive to embody the vision that has come from the Ageless Wisdom of a higher human potential — a potential born of the awakened Soul, the higher Self that knows no separation and perceives the essential oneness of humanity.

    Interestingly, one of the clearest and loudest contemporary voices on this subject comes from the U.K. Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The words he spoke to the roar of approval from a huge crowd at the Glastonbury Music Festival, on June 24th, signal that we are not all that far away, as a human race, from consciously accepting our underlying unity. It is the apprehension of fundamental unity on the part of a critical mass of us that will change everything, enabling us to chart a brand new course toward a future of peace.

    Below is a video link to excerpts of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech:

    In Love and Peace,

    • Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for affirming a vision of our one humanity. Your words “a potential born of the awakened Soul” inspires one to remember the fleeting glimpses of a higher reality from whence we all have come and from which source, creators, dreamers and genius bring forth all the new ideas, new things and the changes that make our world a better place.

      Your observation that we are not “far away, as a human race, from consciously accepting our underlying unity” is fascinating and a wonderful vision in itself. Let’s make of this underlying unity a living reality!

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