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The GoodWill Minute

Vision - Goodwill MinuteHelp build a new world vision for our humanity

How to practice the Daily Goodwill Silent Minute

– and change the world.

It’s so simple!

  1. Choose a moment of Your day to be Still and to meditate quietly – for just a minute!
  2. Close your eyes and relax, breath deeply and let go the outer world.
  3. Bring to mind your vision, see it as real, and the goodness in human hearts as a living energy. Visualise your connection as a Soul – a point of light within a sphere of Lighted Consciousness of the Earth. Connect the light to all humanity and to all those individuals vibrating with a New World Vision.
  4. Breath in Love and breath out as you affirm the higher reality of the Vision and Plan for all life on Earth.

Say the Great Invocation and silently sound the Oms three times.


meditating girlInvoking the Power of Goodwill

Remember – the power of goodwill lies in the unconquerable nature of good and the inevitable triumph of good.


About The Goodwill Minute

The Goodwill Minute began as a historic movement known as The Silent Minute in the United Kingdom by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole O.B.E. in 1940. During the Second World War people would unite in meditation, prayer or focus (each according to their own belief) and consciously will for peace to prevail. This dedicated minute received the direct support of King George VI, Sir Winston Churchill and his Parliamentary Cabinet. It was also recognized by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and observed on land and at sea on the battlefields, in air raid shelters and in hospitals. With Churchill’s support, the BBC, on Sunday, November 10, 1940, began to play the bells of Big Ben on the radio as a signal for the Silent Minute to begin.

Conscious cosmic listeningThe idea was developed in Britain in the Second World War, initially from an idea by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole. People were asked to devote one minute of prayer for peace at nine o’clock each evening. He said:

“There is no power on earth that can withstand the united cooperation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill everywhere. It is for this reason that the continued and widespread observance of the Silent Minute is of such vital importance in the interest of human welfare.”

The Silent Minute began in 1940 during The Blitz on the UK when Major Wellesley Tudor-Pole perceived an inner request from a high spiritual source that there be a Silent Minute of Prayer for Freedom, at 9pm each evening during the striking of Big Ben. If enough people joined in this gesture of dedicated intent, the tide would turn and the invasion of England would be diverted.

The Silent Minute was revived by Dorothy Forster and gained a new following of people after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the commencement of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Star of Hope – Minute for Peace

Faced with a growing global danger of total catastrophe, we need a worldwide agenda that will enable us to continue the human adventure. The global Minute for Peace began in1963 by John McConnell: founder of Earth Day also points the way to peace on our planet with the STAR OF HOPE – standing for “Help Our Planet Earth and Help Other People Everywhere”.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!