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Way Into the Heart

I am SoulP eople everywhere are looking for a way into the Heart. They are seeing the darkness and it is disturbing them. It seems there is no turning to the inner light until we have seen a reflection of the horror of a world without soul. Others are recognising their true nature by their own willingness to align with soul.

The tensions polarising the nations are extreme now. The sensational, the desire nature, the mind games, claim the attention of the people and in turn are claimed by the very same forces that seek to control them.

Love is For Giving …

Our moving into the stillness of the awakened Heart that sees the oneness reflected in all, can dissolve these illusions for ourselves and each other. By every conscious act of giving love and surrending the duality that has imprisoned us, true ‘ownership’ and ‘dominion’ and the freedom of the Soul is being restored to the Logos, the Heart of the One in Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being.

The way of the Heart sees the world as One, does not judge in acceptance of the movement of consciousness through the medium of appearances for what it is, for what it reveals. In the Heart we are all One. We are not our bodies of sensation, our emotions and desires, nor our thoughts – all that contrives to form the phenomenal world. What then are we?  We can either choose to be in the Heart or live in the duality, the only choice to be made!  All the Earth is needing is for people to live from the Heart, the magnetic reality of Oneness.

Every step you take, every breath you make, be in the wonder, be in the Joy – of Love.

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