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We are the Creators of Our Dreams

Conscious CoCreation

Conscious Co-Creation

In co-creation together we are, or so it seems, creators of the formless forms.

As individuals we are learning to accept responsibility for our creation.
From moment to moment we are accepting complete responsibility for the experience we are having even now in this way together, you and I.

It is but a reflection of our inner life.

We see that we are the observers of both causes and effects and we bring to it, our creation, the true essence of ourselves, being of pure love and a healing joy.

Above and beyond we are realizing Who is the Creator? – that in our emptiness there is only One, beyond forms both of causes and effect, Who having pervaded the universe with a fragment of Itself, remains above and beyond, a Being whose true nature is Love.

Cosmic clownAs cocreators we stand between the firmament above and the ocean of fire below – our task, of retaining continuity of consciousness in our world, our society of man, is to allow through, unimpeded, the divine impression that gives rise upon the waves not to forms of things but to consciousness itself and to culture. It is our expression of beauty through the orbital wheel of relationships, the planetary dance of Rays and Nations that gives rise to culture, the Art and Beauty of man. Upon the shore of the ocean we stand together before the Golden One to catch a glimpse not of reflected lights but of the One that pours forth the fiery spirit breath to all who live and breathe.

To the onlooker they too may catch a glimpse of the cosmic joker, the mystic clown, the dancing fool in us, the joker – who, melting hearts and dissolving illusions lets us laugh together in amazement at the utter nonsensical nature of our so serious play!

So let us hold an inner-tension of our hearts! Let all of creation arise in us, and finding its expression, together as One, be Loved.


Please share - your vision, thoughts and insights are welcome. Thank you!