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“What Do You Care About?” on Get Real News!

Eye WorldJon and Paul, two ordinary citizens, shout about the Real News …

What do we really care about you and I and as a People?

Do you care about People coming together around the world?

Do you care about “US girl, nine, kills gun instructor”?

“Look at this “Isis”, look at this “gun culture” … Look at yourself, there is your mirror”

Get Real – What Do You Really Care About in Our World?

How are we creating this culture of madness and how do we get to change a world of tragic events into creating a world where humanity really matters, more caring compassionate?

Jon and Paul shout the Real News – We are two ordinary citizens. We can all see the evidence of what is going on and we want to put the truth and the feeling of “human family” back into our world reality. We want you to join us by shouting about “Real News” with your friends and fellow citizens in your part of the world community.

“Look at yourself, there is your mirror”

We are accepting that we all part of our human experience
We are accepting that we are each creating circumstances that reflect who we are.

Events around me bring up part of myself, my unconscious life, for me to experience and feel.
That´s how life works.

I can only change my world by first accepting this reality and by taking responsibility and doing what I can to change and transform my attitutudes for the better.

I cannot distance myself from world events, we are not living in a separate reality. They are part of us because we are part of humanity and the least I can do is extend my acceptance of what I am personally experiencing towards a sense of wholeness inside me that I can accept.

The problem with “News media” is that our “human family” has been sacrificed in reporting World events as having no connection at all with ourselves, the truth has lost out to separatist agendas and to the illusion that we are a divided species, divided in ourselves.

All these are universal forces at work that we have brought into play ourselves.  We are part of the universe.
Accepting responsibility for our part, for our experience, will allow us to restore order and bring harmony from inside ourselves, back into our world, our creation.

Love your self + love our World 🙂

Jon and Paul

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