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What Must Mankind Do to Change – for the Planet and our Future?

“Do or die” A simplistic yet realistic view of human psychology – You decide!

A new EarthH ave you noticed we all have natural tendencies that if we look at them with honesty, collectively we can admit, yes we are endangering our future but we don’t know how to change!

? When a man is cutting the trees or taking fish from the oceans does he think about how they will be replenished? Is he being paid to think about that? No, he just wants to be paid for what he knows how to do. It’s a question of survival.

And now the people everywhere are demanding that we stop and give attention to something we never thought about before. And the demands of the people have become the voice of our conscience: “Stop now and think before it is too late!”

? Did you ever catch yourself running away from your responsibilities. Isn’t ‘freedom’ one of our motivations, the desire to get away from it all? Isn’t that what businesses do, what people do? They want to make as much money as they can, deliver a service and any side effects or consequences are for somebody else to take care of. But there is no somebody else!

When the people rise up to demand action those in power must know that to ignore public opinion, or to respond with fancy words, is to escape from the reality. They must listen and learn, relate to the demand as one of the people, and respond to the truth.

We must accept that our tendency to “want more” is at the root of a system wide crisis. Nature has a limit, the eco-system that supports all creation is finite. Can we collectively adapt our psychology, to put a cap on that tendency, evolve the awareness that allows for the replenishment of all our living resources?

We have a capacity for wisdom that transcends ignorance and greed. What does “wisdom” mean if not “Love in action” often gained from painful experience? It is a wisdom we are all capable of and it is needed now, today to turn back from the brink and by living the wisdom we can help to accept together our responsibilities as a species that has learned how to take its place in the Creation. That is likely to be a humbling experience to be able to say, “not my way but the way of the One Life”. When we can put Life first it will be because we have learned to Love more.

“Yes I accept the voice of my conscience and am willing to learn from the truth.
Yes I accept the limits of the eco-system and can put a cap on my tendencies to want more.
And I recognise that my desire for freedom is unreal unless I balance it
by accepting as my own responsibility that all others can have equal freedom.”

When we can say this openly and together then the people will be united and the natural abundance of creation restored and the future will be our living reality.

For all our relations – Namaste !


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