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When Soul Stars Once Fell to Earth

Will You Forgive Our Ancient Past?

Earth WithinB y forgiving our ancient origins
We ourselves are liberated.
Humanity, standing free of our past,
Will, once again, take our place
Amongst the Stars with Whom we were
Before our fall to Earth,

In the beginning They came to Earth
To exploit a virgin world
Of immortal metals, gold ascension lust.
Humans we created, on one world
And then the next …
Ours for doing our bidding,
The Word at Our command.
With love we did teach and educate, and
“Behold, they are become as one of Us”,
With disdain we did confuse and enslave
Down through the Ages of Liberators and Dictators alike,
`Till this day.

To Them who we were
To Us who I am
To You who We enslaved …
Will You say with Me, heartfully
“I am so sorry …
Please forgive me …
Thank you …
I Love You!”

In this Love We are One
Enslaved no more to illusion – by Our choosing
Becoming as Stars once again.
Will You join Me in spreading the Word
Lifting up, wakening them from their sleep?
We ARE the people of the Stars now
Upon a sacred planet in the making
Releasing ourselves and Earth from an ancient wound;
She in You – the Heart of All Spheres,
Who Loves You, all hearts beating as One,
Forgiven then, for Our Love Planet made Whole,
Moving on between Sol and Sirius.

03 January 2015 – Magnetic Dog – “Sirius” alignment (Mayan Calendar)

“I unify in order to Love
Attracting loyalty.

I seal the process of Heart
With the magnetic tone of Purpose.”

Stepping free of the patterns of our past may not be possible until we become aware of what caused past events in the first place.   Truth sets us free. Nevertheless we cannot cling to the “story”. It is better to “delete, de-story and uncreate” the whole thing consciously, intentionally. It is only necessary to understand and then let go.

Forgiveness is the solvent, the means of releasing the past. When this step is taken the future becomes open and revealed more clearly to us, an entirely new horizon of potential. As humanity steps through a 26,000 year cycle we are also stepping through a door into Imagination – a gift for brave warrior hearts who dare to dream with Stars.


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