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When Three Suns Are One

Electricity in its three aspects is known to us as cosmic, solar and frictional fire.

Standing Waves of Sound in Water

Standing Waves of Sound in Water

These three fires we can relate to at monadic or galactic, group soul and manifesting levels of creation.

The galactic Sun is that manifesting heart centre from which all life in our universe has its being. That Being has Its centre of absolute stillness, our ultimate source and origin, in each of us.

Our Sun is the conduit of the Soul at the centre of the life of each group.

Our Earth floats in a sea of etheric fire, electrical currents that flow through the Earth from the Sun in waves pervading the universe.

This impulsed electrical life is transmitted through the Earth, through our bodies, in the form of standing waves (as formed by sound in water as shown here) which give pattern to being, consciousness and form. The “Antahkarana” or Rainbow Bridge is not complete until we have consciously “earthed” ourselves electrically. Our Antenna, so to speak, is not only to the Stars above but to the Star in the centre of the Earth. Legends have it that speak of a Telluric Sun and to worlds within a world and strange as it may seem, it may be true*.

When the three Suns are One, above and below, within the conscious field of world resonance centered in the group heart, the electrical triple threaded conduit or bridge is made complete. Externalisation, open and free telepathic movement between planes and worlds and the global free transmission of electrical power becomes possible.

Impulse electricity is transmitted through the ground to move outward in waves, and can be harnessed freely, like radio transmission, by as many receiving stations as there are Suns in the galaxy. Our antennas must also be in the ground. The shamanic pulsing of the unified field of love, light and will radiates through the group – Shamballa and Agharta are One. When the Triple Suns are One, the kundalini fires from the centre of the Earth rise to meet the cosmic fire from above and in the middle place at the heart of the group, all is at-one-d and the work is done,

With group love

* The work of Eric Dollard lends fact to the legend, the only electrical scientist to have reproduced the work of Nicola Tesla. Eric Dollard recovers the true science of electricity (lost for 100 years) and re-establishes the fact of the aether as the source field of the electric universe. The true history and the science of electricity are revealed in this masterclass series “The Theory of anti-Relativity” – highly recommended.

The Theory of Anti-Relativity 1/4 by Professor Dollard

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Mayan date: 14-April-2013, Red Solar Dragon

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