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Where Fly the Wings of Life

Cosmic ButterflyO h humanity, how we
struggle and suffer
Blind to illusion, afraid to change,
A species enslaved to Hiself –
Remember the Butterfly?

And now comes breakdown
And all seems lost
The soul of man in chaos.
Is this the end then
A turning out of light
Or a turning inward?

Caterpillar – as if in death,
Turning and changing
Where hoped for love is,
Something beyond imagining
Spreads Her wings.

Let us die then to love
For the outer will has done its job.
You´ll not find me here
And I will look for You
There on the other side
Where fly the wings of life.

On watching “Baraka” movie documentary, 12.11.2015
– a testimony to the magnificence and the tragedy of our human experience thirsting for spirit, awaken NOW before it is too late!.

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