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World Individualisation and the Ring of Power

Ring of powerA great ensouling of the world is taking place as each individual confronts and questions reality. As the process of individualisation works out in humanity revealed is the nature of relationships in the life and affairs of the individual and of nations, bringing to light all that is unconscious and unintegrated. The experience and use of physical, emotional and mental energy in the life and relationships of the individual and of resources, economics and the political life of the nation comes to light equally and synchronously. There is a shift of power from outer to inner worlds taking place. The insanity of the outer world at large has our species on the back foot, nothing about the future seems certain. The illusory nature of society is forcing the question upon humanity to confront the daily reality and the force and consequences of habitual behaviour.

As the individual is called to become more aware of and more consciously responsible for his or her own physical, emotional and mental well-being within relationships, in family and in community life, so too the nation becomes more responsive as the people become consciously aware of their collective experience and relationship with their use of environmental resources, the economy and politics that govern their lives.

Recognising how this shift of power is working out is most needed if our humanity is to transform out of unconscious polarity to a new conscious synthesis, economy and political life based on relationships of shared group responsibility.

One is reminded of the “ring of power” in the Lord of the Rings saga by Tolkin. Nine rings were made for all the races and kingdoms of Middle Earth and one ring to bind them all. Great personal sacrifice was made by the least of their kind, by the Hobbit Frodo, who finally cast the ring of power into the fires of Mordor from whence it had been forged. In his journey he has to confront Gollum of the underworld, and have him cooperate to show the way. Gollum represents a shadow figure or dweller who upon the burning threshold, also fell into the purifying fire along with the ring. And so it was done and the world passed into a new age.

Is not a ring really symbolical of man’s inner relationship with nature and the world of natural forces, like a wedding ring cements a relationship between two people entailing the often times unconscious sharing of an economy and political nature? It is by non-attached love and a willingness for practical self-sacrifice that makes conscious such sharing of responsibility possible in the home and community. This is where the power of humanity needs to be restored to its rightful place. It is said that where there is peace in the heart there will be harmony in the home and where there is harmony in the home there will be order in the nation. With so much disharmony in the world the individual must discover and reclaim inner relationship with soul consciousness which conditions all outer relationships and makes group sharing function naturally for mutual growth.

Similarly the unconscious nature of humanity must be confronted and transformed. If energy drives economy which in turn drives civilisation then humanity’s shadow is represented by the international military-corporate sector with its secret agendas, illegal unconstitutional projects, black budgets funding the development of incredible but sequestered technologies. It has allowed an ethos to pervade the world society at large, one that has become a taboo subject few are aware of or willing to talk openly about, where truth is shrouded and the natural way of power distorted for selfish and ultimately disastrous ends. Nevertheless, its solution will be a catalyst for a world transformation into a genuine new era characterised by an enlightened civilisation powered by galactic consciousness and the energy that powers the universe itself.

Recognition of this process of individualisation by a conscious world group, brings alignment such that inevitably, the people of an individualising nation, and throughout the world, become sufficiently conscious of its affairs, its physical , emotional and mental life, so as to put its house in order. What were unconscious, hidden, illegal, fearful and controlling forces now become forces to integrate, to gain cooperation with and for a collective self-responsibility. A nation comes of Age.

The individualisation of humanity, as an initiatory process, is in effect a recognition of relationship by the soul with the divine feminine creative aspect of nature bringing about integration with humanity’s natural environment. This collective integration of spirit with matter, the light of the soul with the light of creation blending with the light of the cosmos, is forged in the chalice of consciousness. This is the ring of true power, that power of consciousness pervading all forms that is directed in service to the One Life that will restore beauty to our planet and inspire new civilisation.

Jonathan ( 2017)

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